It's tough out there! Competition is high and so are customer expectations. Meanwhile, resources are low. However, it is in this kind of environment that new marketing ideas are born! C new ways to get customers excited, earn their loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth advertising. Below are new ideas for common items that you may already spend money on C Do Not Disturb door hangers and hotel-branded luggage tags. With these ideas, common {......}
Today plastic ID Cards are common in companies, hospitals, conferences, events and schools as well. They are a required business tool for ensuring employee safety, customer data security, and paid/registered access to events. Visitor ID Cards are also helpful for identifying people who may need or appreciate special attention. So, how do you get even more value out of ID Cards {......}
Business cards are a universal business tool. Aside from face-to-face interaction, it can be argued that business cards are the single-most valuable marketing communications tool that a business has; surpassing Web sites, printed brochures, tradeshow exhibits, packaging, and advertising. {......}
Shelf Danglers have long been a popular POP promotional tool in grocery stores. Their effectiveness in grocery stores got noticed by savvy marketers. Now you also see them in restaurants, gas stations, fitness centers, hotels, retail shops, mobile stores and more. Marketers are also going far beyond the creation of eye-catching sizes, shapes and graphics. They are also using Shelf Danglers as cost-effective branding and customer involvement tools. {......}
Membership Cards have greater utility than ever, due to technology that allows customers to be treated uniquely and appropriately. But making it convenient for customers to use them is often the highest priority. Many people prefer a reward/loyalty card to carry in a wallet, purse, or planner. Others enjoy the convenience of the smaller format Membership Card; a keychain card or Key Tag. So why not give them both? A Combo Key Tag. Not only are you {......}
Table Tents have been around a long time and have proven themselves as effective marketing tools. You'll see them on the majority of restaurant tables, highlighting specials or a seasonal promotion. But you also see them in salons, hotels, waiting rooms, bars, and most places where you have a seated audience. Table Tents are inexpensive to produce, but because they are often handled by customers, they need to be durable. {......}
Key Tags are much more valuable than simply having your logo on a customer's keychain. Key Tags are a marketing tool that enables a restaurant to deliver tailored marketing offers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and frequency. With Key Tags, youll achieve the Holy Grail of marketing; knowing which customers respond to which offers. Below are three ideas for using Key Tags {......}
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