How Combo Key Tags Benefit Consumers And Businesses
Issued by GT&C, June 27, 2012

Membership Cards have greater utility than ever, due to technology that allows customers to be treated uniquely and appropriately. But making it convenient for customers to use them is often the highest priority. Many people prefer a reward/loyalty card to carry in a wallet, purse, or planner. Others enjoy the convenience of the smaller format Membership Card; a keychain card or Key Tag. So why not give them both? A Combo Key Tag. Not only are you catering to customer preference, if customers lose one, they still have another.


Combo Key Tag Membership Cards are terrific vehicles for your reward, loyalty and incentive marketing programs. They are a brilliant and durable marketing tool at a very affordable price. Their benefits go beyond providing customers convenient sizes to carry. To illustrate their promotional potential, here are two ideas for you to consider:

Idea 1: Differentiate Reward Values on Combo Key Tags

When you deliver a full-sized Membership Card with Key Tags attached (Combo Card) each Key Tag can promote different rewards. The Key Tags can encourage three different behaviors or enable customers to tailor their reward to their particular interests. For example, a Fitness Center might choose to use Key Tags to promote the following:



* FREE hydrotherapy session; when you continuously attend our fitness center lessons for 2 weeks.

* FREE yoga class; when you have 3 referrals join yoga classes.

* FREE hydrotherapy gear (swim cap, goggles, hydro-weights): when you continuously do hydrotherapy twice weekly, for one month.

Idea 2: Powerful Combo Key Tag Uses For Insurance Companies

Car and life insurance companies want their clients to be safe. But accidents happen. Providing insurance company contact information on a Key Tag provides consumers a convenient and memorable tool that is very valuable at a terribly inconvenient time; when accidents happen. An added benefit is that the insurance contact information on a Key Tag can also be valuable for reuniting a lost set of keys with its owner.



Meanwhile, a full-sized Membership Card can be utilized as a point card. When customers purchase car insurance, they can, for example, earn points for every dollar of premium paid. As their points accumulate, they can redeem them for a wide range of quality merchandise or Gift Cards.


To work their best, Membership Cards and Key Tags need to be made with durable materials and be printed with precision. Choose a great partner to get these done. Choose GT&C.


Partnering with GT&C, your combo key tags will be made of high quality, eco-friendly material, ití»s recyclable PET which is resistant to tears, stains, chemicals, and water. we offer high flexibility low minimum order quantity 50 pieces. and low mold-making charge for custom shapes. Our fast turnaround is 3 to 5 days. We use variable data printing technology to brings your flexibility and brilliant image quality (Brand logo, contact info, company info, promotion info, etc.). Plus, we giveaway free ABS plastic key rings ( color option: Pink, Blue, Black, White ) for you. you will be satisfy with our polybag packaging service.

So Click here now to send your requirements or questions to us. We promise to reply promptly. You can also call us at (852)62798114.
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